One cannot simply come to Harrison Hot Springs to play or to stay without visiting the many fine eating establishments. With a wide range of restaurants (coffee shops to fine dining) there is literally a place for all tastes. From gourmet seafood and wine, to beer and hot wings, to cheesecake and a caramel latte, you'll find something to satisfy every craving.


Basket Robbins - 328 Esplanade Avenue
Beach Bites Cafe - Harrison Village Mall
Chantilly Ice Cream
Chuck and Kitty's Country Cafe - 196 Esplanade Ave
Miss Margaret's 
Muddy Waters Cafe

Casual Dining

Harrison Hamburger - 196 Esplanade Av
Lakeside Cafe
Lakeview Restaurant - 150 Esplanade Ave
The Hungry Chef
The Red Fort Restaurant
Village Pizzeria

Pubs and Lounges

Old Settler Pub
Islands Bar

Fine Dining

Black Forest Restaurant
The Copper Room
Morgans Bistro
Hot Spring Villa Restaurant - 270 Esplanade Ave
Kitami Japanese - 318 Hot Springs Rd
Club House Restaurant