Registration is now open

The 14th Annual Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta is limited to 72 teams. Registration will close on July 1st 2018 or sooner should the event sell out. A waiting list will be created for those who were unable to secure a spot at our regatta during the registration period. If a registered team is unable to attend then the next available team on the wait list (in the same category) will be contacted and given the opportunity to register. As our registrar completes the registration forms we will be listing the teams that are registered and attending. Check back often.

Registered Teams As Of  JULY 1, 2018

Braggin Dragons Mixed
Century Dragons Mixed
Dragon Hearts Breaker Mixed
Dragon Zone Firetruck Mixed
Dogwood Nothin Dragon Masters Mixed
FLCC FORTified Mixed
Drag_On Mixed
Orca Mixed
Pirates Mixed
RGL United Mixed
Spirit Point Dragons Mixed
Starbucks Waverunners Mixed
Thunder Strokers Mixed
 Fire Dragon   Mixed
UBC Current Gold Mixed
UBC Current Blue Mixed
Grand Dragons Mixed
 Concord Pacific Flying Dragons  Mixed
Dragon Zone Twisted Hips Mixed
 Twisted Dragons  Mixed
Rocky Point Moody Brews Mixed
Dragon Hearts & Soul Mixed
One Dragon Mixed
Kent Dragin' Tails Mixed
 DH Juice  Mixed
Dragon Hearts SAP Mixed
Full Fort Fusion Mixed
TCC Dragons Mixed
Lifescan & Friends Mixed
Kamloops Extreme Mixed
Kamloops Interior Dragons Mixed
Max Storm Mixed
Shookwave Mixed
PaddleSafe Fraser Dragons Mixed
Dragon Hearts Zero Mixed
 Gals on the Gunnel  Women's
Deep Cove Perfect Catch Women's
 FLCC Chicks Ahoy Women's
FLCC Dragon Alliance Women's
FLCC Dragonflies Women's
FLCC Paddle Pushers Women's
FLCC Phoenix Women's
FLCC Sundragons Women's
KDBC Valley vixens Women's
Seraphins Women's
 FLCC D-Fyance  Women's
Deep Cove Wavecrashers Women's
FLCC 5 O'Clock Somewhere  Women's
KDBC Dragon In The Drink Women's
FLCC Fraser Dragons Women's
The Al-O-Wetters Women's
INSINK Women's
Iron Maidens Women's 
The Seventh Wave Women's 
Pass The Buk Women's
Seattle Flying Women Women's 
Sisters in Sync Women's 
 Cultus Lake Dragon Flyers  Women's
 Bust'N Loose  Women's
 Water Warriers  Womens
The Spitfires Women's
Kamloops Extreme Women's